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Everything You Wanted to Know About an Interior Scheme of an Ideal Study Room

Everything You Wanted to Know About an Interior Scheme of an Ideal Study Room

The study room is a quiet place where a person can immerse himself into studies. Away from noise and din of the other areas of the house this area offers the perfect ambiance and silence needed for serious study. Though primarily intended to be used by the children, the parents can also use the room if you do not have a home office provided its use is justified.

The ideal study room should be extremely organized and have an ample breathing space. It is certainly not the room that requires too much decoration. In fact it can be called the simplest room in the whole house.

Various elements of the interior decorations scheme should be strategically selected to promote the required ambiance of the room:


Avoid stuffing it with too much furniture as that will distract the person. It will also restrict the free movements and is a real put-off for the people who like to study while walking. The sight of comfortable sofa sets, recliners or rollers will promote a feeling of tiredness and will especially discourage those who are determined to burn the midnight oil. So it is best to apply minimalist approach while selecting the furniture for study room. The selection of each single piece of furniture should be based on functionality and need. Generally a few chairs and a study desk is enough for the sitting arrangement of the room.

It is best to place several study chairs promoting different levels of comfort. Many times the children would like to invite their studious mates to study together, so it is best to have chairs that can be adjusted according to the height and sitting style so that they can adjust the chair according to their requirements. The study desk should be chosen carefully to promote easy studying and writing activities. An ideal student desk should be spacious enough to allow placing general stationary and a few required textbooks. But it should not be so spacious as to promote scattering of miscellaneous items as it will defeat the very objective of study desks.It is even truer in the context of small children and teenagers.


The ideal height of student desk should allow them to place their hands on the desk without bending their neck. If you have a growing child you can also consider desks with telescopic leg designs that can be adjusted to suit the height of the child.

It should also have several drawers in which the less used stationary can be stored like stapler, punching machine, stick gum, etc. The drawers should ideally be at the right side of the desk as it offers easy accessibility. The design of the center area of study desk should allow ample leg room. Avoid the study desks that have drawers in the center as it will not allow a comfortable space to the legs.


Another important part of a study room is book shelf where the children can store their books that they often use. Though the classic design book shelf give a nice look, they also occupy a great space thus making them unfit for small areas. Besides they also have certain accessibility limitations as far as children are concerned. So it is best to go for the new age bookshelves that occupy minimum space and are accessible for children of different age and height.

You can also consider going for a foldable bookshelf that can be folded and stored when not in use. The wall mounted bookshelf is the best choice for teenagers as they are not only easily accessible to them but also adds a certain studious environment to the whole interior scheme of the room. As opposed to foldable bookshelf these wall mounted shelves offer ample space for storing a large number of books on various subjects. Besides it has several layers that can be used to store different categories of books separately.


The color scheme of study room has a tremendous effect on the mind. So it is best to go for the soothing, light colors that not only have positive vibes and promoted relaxed state but also offers certain visual comfort. The best colors to choose here are white based shades. Pure white, off-white and cream colors are the most recommendable shades for the study room. Avoid the paint that gives a very shining or reflective effect to the walls as that are too luxurious in look to go along well with the simple ambiance of a study room.


Natural light can play a pivotal role in study room as it not only provides the required light but also has a positive impact on one’s mood. One can study in absence of natural light too by using fluorescent light, there is a considerable difference in studying in a natural light and fluorescent light as the latter lacks the positive mood effects associated with the former. So it is best if the direction of the study room should be strategically chosen to invite maximum sunlight and there should be several big windows in the room to let in as much natural light as possible.

The arrangement of furniture and bookshelves should also be planned in such a way that they should not block the natural light.


Study room needs to be quiet and soothing. It is the room used especially for the academic activities that require high level of concentration. So an ideal study room should be not be adjacent to the other rooms and should offer a peaceful ambiance to promote single-minded concentration. Apart from peace, visual comfort should also be considered. Minimalist approach is ideally recommendable while selecting the furniture of the room. Need and comfort should be the base of choosing and arranging the furniture. Other things to be taken care of include natural light, ample breathing space and soothing plain colors.


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