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Sustainable Building Techniques: Loads of Advantages for Economy and Environment

Sustainable Building Techniques: Loads of Advantages for Economy and Environment

A major chunk of your income is spent on various monthly expenses like electricity billing and other household expenses. Though you cannot completely avoid these household expenses, there are several ways to cut down these expenses by opting for several sustainable and cost effective solutions. Apart from saving considerably on monthly expenses these solutions also help in saving the non-renewable resources thus helping the environment. Many of such solutions can be installed while building the house and thus offering an environment-friendly and cost effective ways of enjoying a good lifestyle.

Here are 3 major cost effective ways that you should consider while building your house:


Water is the most precious commodity for humankind and this statement is truer in modern context as anyone who incurs a considerable amount on buying water would know. If you tot up the multiple costs incurred on buying the water, you would be surprised at the annual amount spent on this naturally available resource. However, by opting for the smart, sustainable architecture design, you can not only save this precious natural resource but also considerably reduce our monthly expenses. There are multiple ways of collecting the rainwater and storing for later use.

There are basic systems that do not require any technical knowledge and can be installed using most basic skills. Such systems have basic functionality. However, if you need fully automated storage process and advanced functionality there are various automatic systems that cater to your needs. Such systems need advanced process of installation and specific technical knowledge. The main advantage of basic rainwater harvesting is that this system does not require high-end technical knowledge during installation or maintenance. There are a few limitations attached to this system, though. Being a water source and due to their very design the rain gutter might easily attract mosquitoes and small pests that can make their colonies in the rain gutter thus making the water unhealthy for human consumption and bath purpose. In the winter season the ice and icicle can block gutters thus defeating the very objective of rain gutters.

Automated rain gutters are the best way to collect the rainwater as they offer increased reliability and automatic water cleaning system makes the water suitable for human consumption. However these systems are more expensive and require a specific technical knowledge for installation.


Electricity bills are other significant expenses that one has to pay every month. In fact a major part of monthly budget is spent on electricity bills.

Majority of conventional electricity generation methods release various greenhouse gases into earth’s atmosphere. Carbon Di Oxide is one of the major components released by such methods. These gases emit radiation and thus affecting the earth’s atmosphere in a negative way. Solar panels are the best solution for this problem. These panels not use the solar energy and convert it into electricity. This system is not only safe for environment but also has a positive impact on your monthly savings. Unlike conventional electricity, the electricity generated by solar panels does not require you to pay recurrent bills. You only need to install them once and can enjoy a good amount of electricity thereafter.

The new age solar panels are also equipped with latest technology that ensures the continuous supply of electricity even on rainy days. Though the installation of solar panels is expensive, it offers you long term as it does not require recurrent billing.


Vegetables and fruits are the daily needs of a common person and these are getting dearer each passing day. So Organic gardening is more required today than ever. The well planned organic garden can be used to plant the common vegetables and fruits that offer dual benefit of saving the daily amount spent on vegetables and fruits and offering organic pesticide free eatables that are rich in nutrients and 100% safe for consumption. These organic gardens can also be used to plant various herbs with medicinal qualities.

Another advantage of these gardens is that they add a natural beauty to the overall architecture of the house. However, it is advisable to consult thoroughly with the horticulture specialist before choosing the design, position and types of plants for your garden as some plants may require extensive care and maintenance and might not be suitable for domestic gardening. After a thorough consultation with the horticulture specialist you can decide the low maintenance relevant plants that are easy to be maintained and do not require any special care. The organic gardening is also a good way to help the environment by saving it from the effects of harmful pesticides and fertilizers used in commercial farming.


If planned well, the right kind of architecture and building techniques can offer you some key benefits that have an immense positive effect on our financial condition and also provide sustainable environment-friendly solutions. However, you should consult well with the subject matter experts in order to select the best products, designing and installation method to suit your specific objectives and budget.

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